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Even Elvis




Even Elvis

A Book about Elvis' Spiritual Side


Mary Ann Thorton

Countless thousands love and admire Elvis whose powerful personality continues to draw immense crowds. Numerous books and articles have been written about the man the world still proclaims the unchallenged "King of Rock" but they all generally neglect his deepest Christian roots and the path he took at the end of his days as he re-established his faith in humility before Jesus Christ, the one he proclaimed as the King of Kings.

Why do we only hear vague passing statements regarding this most important issue? Because they do not have the answer.
Was he yearning for truth? Did he actually make a clear, concise turn toward the Lord? Or must we live with the could be's, maybe's and hope so's that have filtered down over the years through those in the camp and those who he said had 'other motives', requested audiences with him at the end.

Even Elvis takes you past the footlights and glamour for a deeper look into Elvis' soul during the final chapters of his life. In often miraculous ways God took the author past what some describe in Christianity as "impenetrable barriers" to minister to him, pray with and for him, discuss the scriptures he had questions about, to hold his head while he cried...counsel and listen.

Hear the hurts, extend the love and forgiveness of a loving God...and approach the throne of God together in prayer. It is important to acknowledge that not one time did Mary Ann ask to speak to Elvis...it was at his bidding, always. This undergirds the fact that it was Elvis' hunger for Jesus and not someone presenting something to him independent of his wanting it.

Wonder what he really thought about the psychics and the so-called spiritual people who approached him with readings and information? Here's what he said.

Wonder what he thought about Elvis What Happened? His reaction.

And how about the rumored calling to preach that has been spoken of...was it there? How long could that call have been there? Was it genuine?

What did he think of super churches and tele-evangelists? Those in high Christendom, who jockeyed to obtain an audience with him?

Finally, and most importantly where did he stand in his relationship to Jesus Christ as life came to a close?

Many ask, "Where Is Elvis?" You will find the answer to your questions only in this book!

                                                       The Time Is Now , The Date is 31/01/2019
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