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Cleaning Instructions

Washing Instructions For Jumpsuits
(Never Dry Clean)

All ElvisEverything Jumpsuits are hand washable in cold water with mild detergent, unless stated otherwise in your instructions. Fill a tub with enough cold water to cover the suit. Before you put the suit into the tub put in the Woolite and mix it in. Then put the suit in the tub and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Put a little dish detergent on a soft brush and rub over the badly soiled spots such as the neck, cuffs and inside hem.

If you have lipstick stains, as we know most of you get from some of your lady fans, hairspray is an old trick used by women (and men) for years. As long as the fabric will permit it, spray right onto the stain, and then let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. In most cases, a clean cloth moistened with warm water is all you need to wipe the stain away. If your find this method of lipstick stain removal does not completely remove the stain, repeat and then wash by hand using Dawn or Sunlight

When you think the costume is as clean as you want it, drain the tub of the detergent. Fill the tub with cold water and move the suit around in the water a little and drain tub again. Rinse it one more time in cold water until all the soapsuds are gone and drain it again.

You can either hang your jumpsuit up in the shower or area that is allowed for dripping or transfer the suit to a washing machine and put it on spin cycle. Do not let the machine agitate. Put the jumpsuit on a strong plastic hanger and hang it up to dry. It should take about 1 hr to 1 day to dry completely, depending on if you put it in the sun or in front of a fan.

Please Note: If you sweat in your costume, do not put your jumpsuit in a plastic bag. ( always try to air your suit before putting it away in a garment bag or suitcase) The sweat will cause the studs to tarnish and get a green ring around them.

Let the jumpsuit dry first, then store it. We are not responsible for costumes that have been dry cleaned.

Pressing: I suggest that you purchase a small hand held steamer to remove wrinkles. If you use an iron (steam only) stay away from the studs, they have a glue on the back and will adhere to the fabric. If one does get stuck, heat up the stud again and gently pull it off the fabric. Just use a cool iron on the front and back pleats.

I have been told that Brasso can be used to clean studs when they tarnish but when I tried it I found it impossible not to get the costume dirty and when I washed the costume again the studs tarnished again. Refinishing the studs is a project I am still working on. I use to have my buttons when I was in the army done in a iodization which places a special coating on the studs and  keeps them from tarnishing.

Dirt and sweat are the main enemy, it will ruin your suit, Keep it clean ( wash after every main performance) and it will last a long time.

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